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Available starting 2024

Why is pet dental care important?

  • 80% of dogs will develop periodontal (dental) disease in their lifetime, and dogs with periodontal disease can have their lives shortened by as much as 33% due to the other health issues that it causes long term.
  • Traditionally, the main focus for dog dental chews has been on either breaking up visible material on the tooth surface or providing chemicals to kill bacteria in the mouth.
  • Recent studies show that the root cause of dental disease is under the gum line, where dental equipment can’t reach. They have also shown that the main reason for dental disease is an imbalance in the number of good (beneficial) vs. bad (harmful) bacteria.
  • Providing antiseptics kills all bacteria (good and bad), which prevents the good bacteria from helping the immune system and leads to more disease over time.
  • Antiseptics can also lead to an imbalance in bacterial levels in the gut, which can cause intestinal disease, behavioral issues, and contribute to skin allergies!

How does it work?

Our chew targets the root cause of dental disease, right at and below the gum line (rather than managing symptoms!) with high-quality active ingredients like Norwegian Sea Kelp to dissolve and prevent tartar buildup.

Support your pet's entire immune system with pre and probiotics, CBG and K-Thrive™ for healthy gums and digestion. Plus – no antiseptics, which leads to unhealthy bacterial growth in the mouth and downstream!

What makes our Dental Chew different?

Our Clean Machine Dental Chew focuses on the root cause of dental disease rather than just managing symptoms. Our chew addresses the disease under the gum line, which the dental equipment can’t reach!

How do we address the root of the problem?

With high-quality active ingredients like ProDen PlaqueOff to dissolve existing tartar and prevent new build-up. Our chew also includes pre and probiotics, CBD & CBG, and plasma for extra support. Plus – No antiseptics (which can kill good and bad bacteria).


  Why is our dental stick soft vs. hard? 
Our dental chew was crafted to have a firmness that doesn’t risk fracturing or injuring teeth when enjoyed
Why low carb? 
When bacteria eat carbohydrates it leads to inflammation under the gum line and decreases the strength of the tooth surface, creating an environment where more bad bacteria can grow.
Why probiotics? 
We want to reduce bad bacteria, and probiotics provide good bacteria to the mouth and the gut.
Why K-thrive? 
When bacteria eat protein it naturally decreases inflammation and healing antibodies. Uncontrolled inflammation is the root cause of many diseases like heart disease, arthritis, intestinal disease, and cancer.

Why CBG? 
It blocks the bad bacteria from communicating with each other, which decreases their survival in the mouth.

Norwegian Sea Kelp

  • Components of the seaweed are ingested and then secreted in the saliva to provide protective effects
  • Studies have shown that it reduces plaque buildup by 40%


  • The second most abundant compound in colostrum (a natural superfood) and naturally secreted in saliva and other body fluids
  • Helps to protect against dental disease by limiting bad/pathogenic bacterial growth and directly destroying the bacteria’s natural defense mechanisms

Water Soluble CBG

  • “The mother of all cannabinoids” disrupts communication between bacteria, which prevents bad bacteria from growing.


  • An amino acid that supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth and supports the dog’s immune system


  • Provides detoxification by binding heavy metals
  • High in antioxidants
  • Provides natural coloring for the product

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl)

  • Triggers bacteria to eat protein instead of sugar which supports a healthier oral environment and creates postbiotics that decrease inflammation


  • Provides beneficial bacteria to the mouth and the gut for health that is essential for oral as well as whole-body health

K-thrive (beef blood plasma)

  • Provides natural anti-inflammatory and immune system support
  • Natural flavor that dogs love!

Inactive ingredient list: (these are not listed in order of amount in the chew)

Salmon hydrolysate, gelatin, acacia gum, apple cider vinegar powder, pectin, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, rosemary extract, glycerin, coconut oil, lecithin, cytoguard, Vitamin E oil, water.